Songs For Kids Check-in

Dear Parent/Caregiver,
Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below about your family’s experiences with Songs For Kids! Your answers help us understand how our programs benefit the families we serve, and we appreciate you taking the time.
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Josh and the Songs For Kids Crew

Your Experience with Songs For Kids

Please rate the following statements on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.
1- Strongly Disagree2- Disagree3- Neutral4- Agree5- Strongly Agree
Songs For Kids understands my child's specific needs
Songs For Kids is an important part of my child's life
Songs For Kids provides experiences and opportunities to which my child would not otherwise have access
My child looks forward to each session with Songs For Kids
Songs For Kids provides a service that is necessary for my child's well-being
I would recommend Songs For Kids programs to other families

Which of the following aspects of Songs For Kids are important to you?

Please rate the following statements on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being Not At All Important and 5 being Extremely Important.
1- Not At All Important2- Slightly Important3- Moderately Important4- Important5- Extremely ImportantNot Applicable
Mentor's support and encouragement
Access to professional music equipment and expertise
Personalized attention and dedicated time for my child
Quality social interaction and group setting for my child
Variety of activities available to my child
Songs For Kids services being free for my child
In-home mentor visits