Songs For Kids Records

Kids battling illness have an incredible ability to translate their feelings, fears and triumphs into song.

It’s a creative process as the kids and our mentors craft a song, verse by verse.

We are able to turn a kid's hospital room into a recording studio!

Our kids take these songs all the way to the studio at the Songs For Kids Center.

And their finished songs are brought to life onstage, as our kids perform with Songs For Kids team members and special guests at major music festivals and concerts.

Fund a Songs For Kids Records session today & we will send you the finished song!


Enjoy these songs written by three of our talented kids!


"After realizing how the stresses of dealing with POTS seemed to melt away whenever I would grab a mic, I attended [Songs For Kids] weekly concerts religiously. I began to look forward to them after long days filled with grueling physical therapy sessions. In that room with a guitar, a mic, and kids who were facing similar circumstances, I could drop my brave face. Not having to pretend I was fine was freeing and just plain FUN.

Emotions that had been buried for so long resurfaced in writing and recording sessions with Sanjay and Exit as 'Brave Face,' a song that captures the mindset and reflects the will of many children battling serious illness."

"Brave Face"
Written by Nia, with Sanjay Kothari
Produced by Mark "Exit" Goodchild & Sanjay Kothari
Engineered & Mixed by Mark "Exit" Goodchild Mastered by John Horesco IV


In "Stars," Nicolas shares his experiences dealing with chemotherapy and his illness.

"It all began eleven months earlier, when I was diagnosed with a form of cancer called lymphoblastic lymphoma. When I started getting chemo treatments, I couldn't get my mind off the horrible tasting chemo.

"I met Songs For Kids, and when they came in, it would brighten my day. I didn't know this program would play such an important role in my life."

Written by Nicolas, with Spencer Durham
Produced by Ben H. Allen
Mastered by John Horesco IV


"On one of my stays, I started writing this song because I was bored and wanted to lighten my mood. I didn't think much about it, but it made my nurses laugh, and they asked me to sing it for other kids who were down and depressed.

"Then Jeremy from Songs for Kids spent three hours one afternoon orchestrating it with me. I am amazed that someone I didn't know would take the time to make my stay at the hospital so great. Now I sing it for you. The ileostomy song. (An ileostomy an opening in your belly wall whereby waste passes through into a bag instead of traveling through to your...well you know.)"

"The Ileostomy Song"
Written by Micah
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jeremy Ezell